Fortnite Online Gaming Parties in Chicago

Video game party fortnite online gaming in Chicago
Fortnite Battle Royale now available! (One player)

We welcome Xbox Fortnite to our gaming selections. Fortnite is an online action building game developed by Epic Games. This is a cooperative shooter-survival game where a player teams up with other players to battle against other players where the last player or group standing is awarded Victory Royale.  In Fortnite you must harvest materials, scavenge for weapons, build to defend, attack opponents, and survive the storm. When starting out in Fortnite, all players begin with a pickaxe. From there the fun begins by obtaining additional weapons and building strategically. All Fortnite games are unique. Be sure to learn new strategies for you next game and avoid the mist.

Additional Fee for Fortnite Gaming:

Fortnite (One Player)
$75 – 1.5 Hours
$100 – 2 Hours

Wifi/internet access must be provided by customer with either wireless signal or modem/router within 200 feet of our video gaming bus.

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